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AUDIO:- all glory you deserve


A young talented up coming Artist , Oluwatobiloba Abiodun Adegbite has been an instrument of praise in the hands of the almighty for nearly a decade now. Dedicated and hardworking Tobi graduated in Chemistry from the prestigious Lagos state university in a record breaking performance that will forever set the record for her department.

Oluwatobiloba, a native of Fiditi in Oyo state has her ministrstions cutting across major cities in the southwestern part of Nigeria and still spreading down the South.

She is not just a gospel musician to add to the numbers of the existing ones. She is spectacular in her performances especially with her ability on the Saxophone and few other musical instruments only to mention but a few.

Apart from being a musician of repute, she is also a philanthropist coordinating the affairs of an NGO that caters for street children and less privileged; TOBI ADEGBITE GIVES (TAG).

Her yearly musical programme is always an avenue for the down trodden to be soul lifted, the poor to smile back home and for the healthy to praise God for everything that the almighty has given.

ALL GLORY YOU DESERVE is a worship song composed and rendered in a peculiar way that will make you want to long the more in giving your creator the praise and the glory that He deserves Allows

All Glory you Deserve

Connect with Oluwatobi

Instagram:- @tobytgbyt, Facebook:- Adegbite Oluwatobiloba ,Twitter @TobiAdegbiteGives



  1. OMG I need to give my life to Christ deeply waooooow my dear my God will continue to give you the wisdom and knowledge Amen

  2. I never got to understand this part of you and youvdid not mention
    Awesome peace
    Keep the flame aglow


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