A prolific gospel songwriter, performer and musician of divers instruments of music, Minister Akanbi Segun Samuel popularly known as Psalm Akanbi drops a new single (first of it’s kind) tittle “The Storm Is Over” featuring Evangelist Tosin Alagbada Ina…
The storm can be anything orchestrated to disturb and interrupt you or even shake up the level of your faith. You having Jesus does’nt mean you are free from challenges and tribulations, Jesus never promised trouble free life, but He assured us He have overcome the world. John 16:33. The only antidote to problems and tribulations is to use the Word to tackle the odd of the world and THE STORM WILL BE OVER.

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Verse 1: The storm can be a hard time
That children of God goes through, with you in God and God in you,
The storm will be over

The storm can be a test to know how your faith is standing, focus on Jesus look up to him,
The storm will be over

The storm was a disturbance for Jesus to get to gergesenes to heal the blind man Jesus said to the storm “Peace, peace be still”.

By the Word the world was made,
Jesus Christ is the word
Speak the word to the odd of the world,
The storm will be over.

Chorus: The storm is over,
Ìjì tógé nínú ayé mi,
Mopálase, mosó pèlú àse
The storm is over.

Verse 2: Jesus in your boat,
That doesn’t mean storm will not arise
Mark Chapter 4 verse 35 sisale lofiye mi
Jésù bá ìjì wi, lógán ìjì gbo ohun re odake róró
Ìjì aìsan ninu aye re, bi oti ngbo mi kodake je, iji airólùrànlówó bi oti nwo mi kodake je
Ìjì airomogbejo, bi oti ngbo mi kodake je
Iji adagbe adaso, bi oti ngbo ko dake, mopáláse, moso pelu ase,
The storm is over.

Chorus: The Storm is over…

Saxophone solo…

Brigde: Peace be still 3*
Iji dake oooo…

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