Mercy is an act of kindness, compassion or favor one does not deserve but received; God is plentiful in mercy and grace, He giveth mercy to whoever He wished. No matter ur position, your status, you will always need the mercy of God. The day mercy is vacuum is one’s life, that day the life starts diminishing…

Evang. Tosin Akanbi a.k.a ALAGBADA INA ft. Mr.Gbera receiving God’s mercy in a mega and uncommon way composed put together a single track titled MEGA MERCY through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. To everyone that will download and listen, the sure mercy of God will locate and speak for you this season… Stay blessed.

Mega Mercy By Tosin Alagbada Ina Ft Mr Gbera|||thegospelflow



Verse 1 – Mo wo waju mi, moripe, mo ranu gba
Mo weyin mi, moripe mo ranu gba
Mo wotun, mo wosi mi, moripe moranugba
eniyan ko lo seyi o
Iwo Olorun ni
Se o mo iye ti olórun nsan lori emi re
To nmi sinu, to nmi sita
Alaimore ni o jo, ore mi to o bale dupe
Kaleniyan lofun o lemi to nmi ni olegba
Ko lo won fun o mo…
Chorus- Mercy is what I secure
Mercy has settled my case
Mercy is what I secure
Amidst my mate, his mercy singled me out.

Verse 2: Awon kan leshin ni keke
Sibe won pada ku so gun
Emi o leshin no keke sugbon mo pada wa segun
Kanga anu to gbe ko le tan
Lomu aye mi tan
Iya aye mi Ana pada diyanu modupe
Everybody join me, join me
Join me, celebrate
Join me, praise his name
Emi leni ana, to ranugba(mo ranugba o)
Mighty mercy mo ri, modalase yori
Adura mi ti gba, olórun to fewa bora
Mo se ka bi o osi ooo

Chorus… 2*

Bridge- Moranugba, Moranugba
Anu lo fi ba mi se…


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