Em Lee (a daughter of Zion) is a passionate singer/praise & worship leader. A passionate song writer/composer.
She is based in Abuja and has written many songs which have blessed people in her local assembly

She is given the mandate to minister to God and the world at large in songs. Bringing salvation to the lost souls; encouragement, hope in Christ Jesus, to the downtrodden & downcast, etc


Coming from Em Lee is OSOHURUN MEH MI T’OGBO( which means my Creator, I am grateful). It is a praise song in her native dialect. Expressing gratefulness and thankfulness to God Almighty for all He has done.

Download and Join her as she says to God ………. MI T’OGBO!!!



OSOHURUN meh mi t’ogbo
(my Creator I’m grateful)
OSOHURUN meh mi t’ogbo
(my Creator I’m grateful)
OSOHURUN meh mi t’ogbo oh
(my Creator I’m grateful)

1). When I think about the goodness of the Lord to me
I see His power and favour all around me
Sing hallelujah to the Lord
For all He has done for me
I cannot keep silence……..

Brought me out of a miry clay
Placed my feet on the rock to stay
New song He has put in my mouth
I cannot keep silence I must praise


2). I rejoice for the blessings I receive
Daily He loads me with benefits without measure
He prepares a table before me
In the presence of my enemies
They cannot harm me, no…..

Who am I that You’re mindful of?
Love so great, more than words can say
Is what You have showered on me
I cannot keep silence I must praise



Ima do boh e ho ri iru meh vahgbon)…….4x
(You didn’t allow the enemies prevail over me)

Ezah meh….. (My Father)
Mi t’ogbo (I’m grateful)……

FB: Emily Ajakaiye
Insta: Em-Lee
WhatsApp only: +234 818 283 4812


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