Mercy is an act of kindness, compassion or favor one does not deserve but received; God is plentiful in mercy and grace, He giveth mercy to whoever He wished. No matter ur position, your status, you will always need the mercy of God. The day mercy is vacuum is one’s life, that day the life starts diminishing…

Evang. Tosin Akanbi a.k.a ALAGBADA INA ft. Mr.Gbera receiving God’s mercy in a mega and uncommon way composed put together a single track titled MEGA MERCY through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. To everyone that will download and listen, the sure mercy of God will locate and speak for you this season… Stay blessed.

Mega Mercy By Tosin Alagbada Ina Ft Mr Gbera|||thegospelflow



Verse 1 – Mo wo waju mi, moripe, mo ranu gba
Mo weyin mi, moripe mo ranu gba
Mo wotun, mo wosi mi, moripe moranugba
eniyan ko lo seyi o
Iwo Olorun ni
Se o mo iye ti olórun nsan lori emi re
To nmi sinu, to nmi sita
Alaimore ni o jo, ore mi to o bale dupe
Kaleniyan lofun o lemi to nmi ni olegba
Ko lo won fun o mo…
Chorus- Mercy is what I secure
Mercy has settled my case
Mercy is what I secure
Amidst my mate, his mercy singled me out.

Verse 2: Awon kan leshin ni keke
Sibe won pada ku so gun
Emi o leshin no keke sugbon mo pada wa segun
Kanga anu to gbe ko le tan
Lomu aye mi tan
Iya aye mi Ana pada diyanu modupe
Everybody join me, join me
Join me, celebrate
Join me, praise his name
Emi leni ana, to ranugba(mo ranugba o)
Mighty mercy mo ri, modalase yori
Adura mi ti gba, olórun to fewa bora
Mo se ka bi o osi ooo

Chorus… 2*

Bridge- Moranugba, Moranugba
Anu lo fi ba mi se…


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An inspiration gospel singer BIOLA FAME, drop a powerful album title ANUOLUWA

ANUOLUWA… Glory be to God in the highest ….
Anuoluwa Acknowledge the supremacy of God,his mercies has brought us this far…

He is the light in our path through out the difficulty

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Rogodo Rogodo aditu oro oo
Kose tuwo beni kose fenu so
Tonbaninu talo lepe lejo
Tobafanu beniwo, emi reni tole molorun oba
Eleyiju Anu onile Ola o
Kofohun miran afiyin atope
Oni kinmopewa peyen lowunfe
Oni kinmuyin wa peyen lowunnje
Olorun totobi teniyan o mo Ibi topekun si
Ayeraye ninu ayeraye

Enu Opemi edumare baba mi ooo
Maje okan

Enu Opemi edumare baba mi ye mo obebe
Maje okan..

Chorus.. Anuoluwa lowa miri
Anuoluwa sha morigba , tobaje nipateyan won ati sinregu
Baye tife Kori koma ribe oo ,Oluwa losheyi funmi poo, Ebamidupe

Voc.. Anuoluwa lowa miri se
Anu re sha morigba
Anuoluwa lowa miri e
Anu re sha morigba
Baye tife kori komari be oo, Oluwa losheyi funmi ooo

Chorus Anuoluwa lowa miri
Anu re sha morigba

Voc..Anu laye mirigba
Anu nise mirigba
Omo ibanuje jabesi ojoyen Anu laye re rigba
Obediodomu toni apoti eri mapa,dipo o so doloro nii
Anu laye won rigba
Anu kanna sha laye mirigba

Chorus.. Anuoluwa lowa miri
Anuoluwa sha morigba

Voc.. Obami segun ota ile
Ogbemiga ju ota milo
Baba mimo gbo ope ti mo muwa oo, olorun tikoro tesemi
Anu tofunmi koma shedibaje, kemi lema royin re lo

Chorus.. Anuoluwa lowa miri
Anu re shamorigba

Voc.. Ife tofemi lofiwa miri
Ife tofemi lofisomi domo
Ife tofemi lofisomi dalayo kiki Orin re lenumi ooo 2ce

Chorus Anuoluwa lowa miri
Anuoluwa Sha morigba

Voc.. Mowa dupe ore re babami ooo

Chorus… Mowa dupe ore re ooo

Voc… Mowa dupe ore re lori ayemi

Chorus..mowa dupe ore re ooo

Voc.. Oluwa ti sheyi na

Chorus..oluwa losheyi funmi 2ce

Voc.. Emi monu ro ni monse dupe ore baba

Chorus.. Oluwa loseyifunmi

Voc.. Ofayo ropo ibanu laye mi ooo

Chorus. Oluwa loseyifunmi

Voc.. Kiki orin re lenu mi ooo halleluyah oo

Voc.. Enu egan taye fi npemi omu kuro

Chorus.. Oluwa loseyifunmi

Voc.. Owo ibi taye ngbe won tunfi sherawon

Chorus.. Oluwa loseyifunmi

Voc.. Titi lailai iwo ni un oma sin Jehovah ooo

Chorus..Oluwa loseyifunmi

Voc… Oluwa ti sheyi na ABIOLA

chorus… Oluwa losheyifunmi …



A JUJU MUSIC ARTIST SAMSON OBIDIRAN KNOWN AS EYEZ LONELY , RELEASE HIS FIRST MIXTAPE, EYEZ LONELY MIXTAPE VOL 1, is a track which consist of different genre of music to appreciate his fans home and abroad. Enjoy as you listen


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A generous Gospel juju Artist ,(KUNLE TAYO) and his ultimate band , released a very powerful lyrically ALBUM


We hereby bring to you two tracks out of the four track in the ALBUM

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A generous Gospel juju Artist ,(KUNLE TAYO) and his ultimate band , released a very powerful lyrically ALBUM


We hereby bring to you two tracks out of the four track in the ALBUM


Download and be bless

Connect with Kunle Tayo on : phone:- 08023393666
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Moses sammy is a worship leader, radical praiser and a God-chaser which hails from warri-north, delta state. A graduate of the department of medical biochemistry, delta state university, abraka, Nigeria and a one-time music director of the redeemed Christian fellowship, delsu, abrakaabraka

Jesus my addiction

Song bio:Jesus my Addiction is a unique gospel-afro sound that bridge the gap between gospel lovers and secular lovers… It’s a sound that brings the world to christ. It describes the addictive love of christ towards everyone irrespective of ur religion, status. Mind you, It’s an addictive song.


(Vamp) Your love is jeje and is tender, father you love me jeje like no other (4x)

Solo1: your love is jeje and is tender.
You love me jeje like no other.
You love is everlasting dear lover.
Your love is everything I need right now.. That is why
Am Addicted! Am Addicted to your presence.(2ce)
Solo 2:
Jesus my helper! My promoter!
Jesus my lover! My Addiction o.
Better is one day in your presence.
Than thousand else away from you lover.
Your love is kind, your love is kind it never faileth,.
You blow my mind, you blow my mind with the things you do lord.
You all I want lord, you all I want and ever needed.
You’re my desire! You’re my desire, oh my lover.
(Back to chorus)
(Vamp )

F.b: Moses sammy

Experience 2019

To the right of the stage was the greatest excitement. On the third stall of the right stand was a notorious rush of spiritual excitement. You could tell that those people wanted to be there.
The topic of religion is still a sticky one amongst Nigerian millennials. To some, it’s the ultimate tool of enslavement and mental illusions that serve no purpose. To others, it’s the ultimate gift of life through which we breathe and let fly.
Belief in the supernatural is a choice for most people, but when you see people storm Tafawa Balewa Square(TBS) annually for the aptly-tagged The Experience , you begin to wonder if God might just exist.

On December 6, 2019, most offices had closed from the anticipation of traffic that The Experience usually causes. It was smooth sailing from the office to the very heart of Lagos Island, where its 14th edition held. In its nightly glory, commerce got a kick up the backside, legs caused more traffic than cars and hoodlums waited with baited breath, looking for the next ignoramus to pillage.

All they did as they waited was smoke and watch – after all, they had phone theft targets to meet. Inside TBS was decked crowd. Due to press tags, this writer and the crew had access to most parts of the set-up. What they couldn’t have envisaged was the closed-eye treatment they got. U

After the hassle, they got close to the stage.
Meanwhile, on stage was an all-female crew, chanting with authenticity. They wanted the crowd to feel the spirit of “Yahweh.” When God sent Moses into Egypt, he told him to say the name, “Yahweh.” These days, the word is taken for granted, but in the middle of that performance, Pastor Adefarasin raised his hands up and took the song in.

The event was hosted by Richard Mofe-Damijo and
Dara Benjamin.
To the right of the stage was the greatest excitement. On the third stall of the right stand was a notorious rush of spiritual excitement. You could tell that those people wanted to be there. All through the night, their energy never dropped. They waved white handkerchiefs, blew whistles and made their vuvuzelas scream.

They had come to worship God and nothing was going to stop them. Throughout the night, their energy never dropped. Back to the crowd, all ages lifted their hands and smiled. When it came time for the spirit to move, their countenance would change at the circulating vehicle of the holy spirit, conveying people into its belly.
The next performer was Preye Odede. He took over the crowd for the few minutes. Then prayers were held against terrorism, for Nigeria and for refugees. The loudest roar came when the elderly prayer leader got on her knees and said, ‘ Let the wickedness of our politicians end… ” The “AMEN!” was different.
Eben performed some of his famous hits, but the greatest moment of his performance was the absolute beautiful madness at its end. With his drummer, he interpolated some DJ Ykay beats and everyone went crazy. People carried their bodies with the holy spirit in tune. Indeed, it was not Eben anymore , it was E-Flam –
his performative alter ego.

Before Tope Alabi came on stage with the loudest roar yet, AY’Rhymer thrilled the crowd with praise-singing and panegyrics for God. Then, prayers were held for Lagos after Tope Alabi took us into another realm. Then came Minister Don Moen. He invoked a rush of nostalgia with timeless music and the power of his violin solo.
For Sammi Okposo, it was about high praise. He came on stage and got greeted by an ocean of white handkerchiefs – people were ready to display their beautiful ratchetness for Jesus. Before Todd Dulaney,
the got thrilled by comedians like Kenny Blaq, Akpororo
and so forth. Then came Sinach.
She shut it down and picked her moments to flex her vocal muscles and give this writer chills – what a woman! The event closed out to incredible performances from the emblematic energy of Travis Greene, the blessed trumpeteering of Nathaniel Bassey, the talents of Chioma Jesus and Mercy Chinwo.
In the morning, Uber rides cost more than eyeballs on the open market. Food became hot commodity and people had to be careful as they left. But one thing was clear, they didn’t care. They got everything they wanted. It was a beautiful night spent with God and his son Jesus Christ while aided by the Holy Spirit.
God bless House on The Rock for this 14th edition. Till next year…


CAC Good Women – Odun Nlo Sopin is an evergreen prayer song sang in Yoruba from the CAC Goodwomen , it a song that is alway renew for sales every blessed year, You need to vibe to this very track as the year runs out..

Expecially as we move closer to CHRISTMAS, and incase you don’t understand yoruba, you might not really understand.
Listen & Download “C.A.C Good Women – Odun Nlo Sopin” below:-👉👉👉👉



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Reinhard Bonnke, evangelist who ‘won 77 million souls’, dies at 79

Reinhard Bonnke, a German Christian evangelist, who is credited to have overseen the recorded conversion of 77 million people to Christianity is dead.
Bonnke passed on Saturday at the age of 79.
“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is with sorrow that the Bonnke Family would like to announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke,” Anni Bonnke said in a statement on Saturday afternoon.
“He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, on December 7, 2019. For the past 60 years he has preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus throughout the entire world.
“We want to thank you on behalf of him and our family, for your kind love and unwavering support, which enabled him to preach the matchless message of salvation to countless people.”
Bonnke founded the international ministry of Christ for all Nations (CfaN) over 45 years ago,
and currently has offices in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.
Since 1987, through a host of major events in Africa and other parts of the world, the ministry has recorded more than 77 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ.
Bonnke has held many crusades in Nigeria, drawing his largest audience in a single crusade in Lagos in the early 2000s.

May God give us the power and strength to work and win soul for him…


Femi Isaac ologbon
Popularly known as femi Isaac. Is a multi instrumentalists, full of God’s inspiration..
He is a music minister and also a great saxophonist.
He as ministered in many platform and also shared stage with some Nigeria music Minister..
He as realised up to two albums and two official video… Which is trending fast..

Download and enjoy👉👉👉



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